The Speaking Retreat - with Stefan Thomas

The Speaking Retreat

July 10th 2024

September 4th 2024

Witney, Oxfordshire

From being someone who speaks at networking events, to being an in demand paid speaker at conferences and expos - this one day workshop will teach you how to speak, and, crucially, how to find the clients who will pay you.

Do you KNOW you have a message people should hear?

Do you absolutely know that you can help other people - and you need to find the audiences who will listen to you?

Or are you getting great feedback from your presentations at networking and business events - and want to learn how to find clients who will pay you to speak?

Or maybe you're already speaking, and want to find more clients, and better clients too?

This one day course, delivered live to only eight attendees, will help you develop your presentation skills and, crucially, show you how and where to find paid speaking gigs too.

"Since attending this retreat I have been booked for a further 2 speaking events! I'm looking forward to being booked for more towards the end of this year and beyond and getting paid more for the amazing corporate speaking I am delivering to very happy clients!"

Sarah Williamsson - Drink Less Live Better

Are you already speaking - but not being paid?

Creating your keynote, the presentation you'll be known for, is just part of the process. There are thousands of amazing speakers out there who aren't being paid! That's why we'll spend the second half of the day looking at the business of speaking, and where and how to find the right clients for you, willing to pay you to educate, inspire and entertain their audience.

I went from being terrified to speak, to speaking to a few people at networking events, to speaking to thousands of people from stage. 

And so can you. There is a process, there is a journey, I've lived it, I've trained many other people to do the same, and I'll take you through it step by step.

Meet Your HOST 

Stefan Thomas,

  • Author of Business Networking For Dummies
  • International keynote speaker and trainer
  • Clients include BT, Lloyds Banking group, Utility Warehouse, Namecheap and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants 
  • Has spoken in front of audiences from 0 people to 2500 people. And now regularly speaks for some of the top businesses in Europe, to their sales teams and channel partners.

  • Also Featured in The Guardian, HuffPost and The Telegraph 

Here’s what Stefan Will cover:


How to build your reputation and profile with the right people.

Ensuring that your audience know exactly what you stand for, and why you're the right speaker for their teams, their event, or their audience.

Your signature keynote

Let's build a presentation for you which perfectly captures the messages you know your audience will benefit from.

We'll take your audience on a journey from understanding the problem they need to solve, to coming away at the end with the answers they need.

We'll ensure that the people who book speakers know exactly what they're getting when they book you, and know exactly why they should book you.


It is a massive deal to put someone on stage for an annual conference or major event. So let's help you to build the trust with your potential clients, so that they have that trust in you which leads them to being confident to book you.

Then, we'll train you to deliver, so that clients rave about you, and more clients want to book you as a result.

The business of speaking

I'll show you how to make money by being paid to speak - and turning your presentation into other products too.

You see, as well as being paid to deliver keynotes at conferences and events, it is also perfectly possible to create courses, workshops and other products from your knowledge, that you can also be paid for.

As well as being a paid keynote speaker, I also write books, run retreats and workshops (like this one for example) and am paid to run training events for the companies I work for, expanding on the issues I've touched on in my keynote. You'll learn how to build the value around everything you do, to get paid for everything you do.

Virtual - opening up the world from your desk

I have been paid for many virtual events over the last few years, and that world is open to you too.

Sure, they don't pay as much as 'real life' events, but to be able to speak to a captive and appreciative audience anywhere in the world, and then 45 minutes later be able to come downstairs and make a cup of tea, sure has some advantages over the travel and the time taken to get to face to face events.

Build your reputation as a virtual speaker, and you'll open up even more opportunities - and at times to suit you too.

Promoting yourself - being your own agent

Learn how to build your own PR and publicity, putting yourself in front of the people who actually book speakers. You'll find out exactly how I've been able to get booked by major multinational companies directly, and not through an agent.

Being brilliant at what you do is one thing, making sure that other people know about it and understanding how to turn that into paying clients, is exactly how we'll finish the workshop.

Your investment, for the WORKSHOP and support is just £695+VAT

Are you ready to work with me?


Where and when will the workshop be held??

10th July 2024, from 9am - 4pm

4th September 2024, from 9am - 4pm

The venue is - Witney Business and Innovation Centre, Burford Road, WITNEY, Oxfordshire, OX29 7DX

As well as the workshop itself - what else is included?

We'll be providing a buffet lunch, as well as refreshments throughout the day. You'll receive all course materials, plus I'll open up a LinkedIn group where you'll be able to ask questions and network with the other attendees, long after the event has ended.

Before you even attend, you'll have a 121 with Stefan (on Zoom) to talk about exactly what sort of speaking career you want to achieve, so that he can help you do so.

What if I'm already speaking - is this course for me?

If you're reading this, I'm guessing there's a reason. Maybe you're not being paid to speak, or not being paid enough. This course covers the business of speaking, as well as presentation skills. You'll learn not only how to speak better, but how to get paid to do so too.

Can I spread the cost?

For this course it is a one off payment of just £695+VAT, which I can accept by credit card, debit card, PayPal or BACS.

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